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Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Free Trick of the Quarter

Three Card Prediction

EFFECT:  You make three predictions with a deck of cards.  When a volunteer chooses three cards your predictions match them.

PROCEDURE:  You may use any deck of cards and there is no preparation necessary.  Simply have a volunteer shuffle the cards, then take them back and announce that you will make three predictrions.  Spread the cards in your hands so only you can see them and, as you do, look at the top three cards; these will be your predictions.  As you continue to spread cards, remove the three cards that "match" the top three and place them face-down on a table.  For example, if the top three cards were the five of diamonds, the six of hearts and the king of clubs, you would look for and remove the five of hearts, the six of diamonds and the king of clubs.  In other words, you are removing the othere red 5, red 6 and black king.  Once your "predictions" are on the table, give the cards to your volunteer and have him start dealing cards face-down off the top of the deck.  He can deal as many cards as he wants and stop whenever he wants.  When he stops, take the remaining cards from his hand, put them aside and have him pick up the stack he just dealt.  Now have your volunteer deal cards from the top of the new stack face-down into three piles.  IMPORTANT: he must deal them as follows; 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 until he has dealt all of the cards out.


                                                                     1                2                 3

No matter when he runs out of cards, the trick will work if he deals them this way.  But, if he deals them 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2 he might cover one of your predictions up leaving a card that does not match.  The reason the trick will work at all has to do with the fact that it is the top 3 cards that are the predictions.  After you remove the "matching" cards and place them on the table, he begins to deal cards face-down from the top of the deck.  This means that your matching cards will be the first 3 cards you deal.  So now, when they stop and put the remainder of the deck down, then pick up the stack they just dealt, the 3 matching cards are on the bottom of the stack.  So, when they deal them into 3 piles, the matching cards will be the last 3 cards dealt if the cards are dealt 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3.

Now comes the conclusion, and you present it by way of review.  Say, "I made 3 predictions.  You shuffled the deck, there is no way I could have stacked or arranged the cards."  (This is true, they shuffled the deck and you made 3 predictions, but not in that order!  If it happened as you just said, you would be doing a miracle.  What you are doing is presenting two true events but by reversing the order you are creating a false scenerio.  This is a great point if you later want to talk about how clever Satan is and how he shuffles the truth in order to deceive.)  Continuing, "You dealt the cards out, stopped whenever you wanted and then dealt the cards into three stacks.  Turn over the top card of each stack.  As they turn over cards, you call them exactly what they are, for example, "You have a 5 of diamonds, a 6 of hearts and a king of clubs.  Or, another way of saying this is you have a red 5, a red 6 and a black king.  What if I showed you that before the trick even got started, I correctly predicted you would have (turn over your predictions as you name them) a red 5, a red 6 and a black king" and place your predictions half-way on top of their cards as you name them so they can see both their card and your matching prediction.

SPIRITUAL TIE-IN:  No one can reallly predict the future.  Or can they?  Have you ever heard of prophecy?  This opens to door to talk about the vague and unsure nature of predictions versus the precise and accurate nature of Biblical prophecy.  Once you have established this you can go in a number of directions to share the awesome power of God or how Jesus fulfills all the Messianic prophecy of the Bible.

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